Monday, October 12, 2009

"Clean Power" Nukes

Having just read John Kerry and Lindsay Graham's appeal for more "clean power" nukes this morning:
It is pitiful that supposedly intelligent men and women can consider nuclear power "emission free"! How blind we are to have betrayed all future generations by loading up our millions of storage tanks and retention ponds with the most poisonous substances know to man. The tiniest leaks over time will destroy the precious balance of life on this planet as surely as one day someone will use this waste as a weapon against us. Before we build another nuke, we must find a way to contain forever? and preferably detoxify the masses of nuclear waste we have accumulated. We owe it too our kids and all the generations to follow to clean up our own messes in our own backyards. Can we really expect the people of Nevada to store it all at Yucca Mountain?
In the meantime, I'm buyin' those energy saving bulbs and turning off every light left on in my house like my Dad used to do and insulating our attic and buying hybrid cars and riding my motorcycle on errands which get's 50 miles to the gallon. It doesn't seem to be that difficult to shrink my family's carbon footprint.
And a quote from my friend Dana Beach from the South Carolina Costal Conservation League:
There is enormous potential in efficiency and conservation. McKensey just produced a report that the US can reduce energy consumption by 23 percent just if homeowners and business owners invested in efficiency that had a net positive payback. No pain necessary. And that doesn’t even include any behavioral changes. (Like turning lights off when you leave the room, or biking instead of driving...)
Europe uses less than 1/2 as much energy as we do per capita and has a higher standard of living.

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