Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Troops out of Iraq Now!

All American troops out of IRAQ NOW!

The 42 deadly terrorist attacks across Iraq on Monday prove once again that we have failed to kill our way to peace. Before another American soldier is wounded, we should withdraw all our troops. Did we really believe that we could create a just and verdant democracy in a country divided by so many tribal and religious rivalries and ancient hatreds? Only a short sighted, arrogant guy from Texas could put forth such a fantasy. The saddest part is, as a nation, we went for it.

Speaking of Texas, I am a Christian. That being said, there are a plethora of far right evangelical Christians on the menu this year and Rick Perry is one of them. He and Michelle Bachman make a lovely couple of nuts who should only be admitted to the White House as tourists. You may be as disappointed as I am in the ability of our President to advance what was intended to be a progressive agenda, but the alternatives are frightening. Do we really want to elect someone who admires whacko preachers who see the Holocaust and hurricane Katrina as punishments from God?
I'll pass on that koolaid.

Back to Iraq. We need to speed up the visa process for Iraqis who have worked to support our ill fated efforts as they and their families are being hunted down and killed for helping us. We owe them a refuge. Please write your congressperson about this failure and encourage them to speed the process up!

love to all........Jesse

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